Privacy Policy

In order to deliver the services provided by The Site we act as a Data Controller in managing data required to deliver the site capabilities to you, and also as a Data Processor (or Sub-processor) in providing wider management capabilities for Clubs and Sports Bodies.

The policy described here provides further information on the data that we collect and what we expect of you as an ordinary user of the site or when acting on behalf of a Club or Sports Body where we act as the Data Processor.

How we collect your data

We may collect your data explicitly as you use our services or implicitly as required in order to deliver those services, as follows

  1. Direct interactions by yourself such as registering for a published event
  2. Automated data collection on how and when you use our services, including information on your computer and IP addresses, in order to secure your user account
  3. Information received from Clubs and Sports Bodies that you may choose to or may be required to link to your own data, for the purposes of validating event entries

What data we collect

Data held can be categorised into the following types

  1. Personal data of registered users provided as part of the user registration process or subsequently by editing stored user profiles (“Profiles”)
  2. Competitor Data provided by recognised sports bodies, containing information on the ranking or handicap of known competitors, used to ensure that entries are made correctly in adherence with sport-specific rules and regulations
  3. Membership Data provided by sports bodies either as part of Competitor Data or as a linked data set, for the purpose of ensuring that any such organisational memberships that may be required by sports bodies to allow entry into races, is held by registered competitors, and that such membership is current
  4. Entry data provided by users when submitting entries for a race, this includes personal information on all competitors being registered for a race including ranking or handicap and membership information
  5. Race results data provided by organising clubs, used to ensure compliance with race entry requirements and sport-specific rules and regulations
  6. Competitor information provided by registered Club administrators, which may be used in order to verify any such club membership that may be required by sports bodies to allow entry into a race

Third parties

Some personal details may be stored by trusted third party payment providers in order to allow the Us and/or Clubs to validate payments made for entries. Such information will be limited to only the information required to identify the payee and link to the entries stored in the application.

Our current payment providers are Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. (“Stripe”) and PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (“PayPal”).

Event registration

As part of the event entry process you are required to provide information on all competitors, either explicitly or by linking to data provided by governing organisations or clubs, in addition to personal information about yourself.

In doing so you agree that you shall provide accurate and correct information and that this data will be passed to the organising club(s) associated with the race.

Data may also be viewed by certain other duly authorised individuals responsible for ensuring that relevant race rules and procedures are correctly followed by organising clubs.

Organising clubs may only use the information on competitors and the personal information for the purposes of organising and running their events, unless during registration you agree to receive information about future events. In this case you agree that the organising club may retain your name, email address and telephone number for the purposes of notifying them about future events.

You agree that organising clubs may also publish basic information on all competitors entered for their event online, for the purposes of ensuring compliance with competition rules. You should contact the event organiser if you wish to opt out of your personal data being published in this way.

You agree that when you specify a club association with your entry that registered club administrators may access all entry data submitted, for the purposes of checking entries are correct.

Club authorised officials

Club authorised officials such as team leaders and event organisers shall be appropriately designated in the system. As a duly authorised club official you agree that you will use the data provided by the system solely for the purposes of organising and running authorised events, except where a site user has also given you permission to use their email/telephone number for the purposes of informing them about future related events. In this case you agree that you will keep this personal information secure and prevent it from being misused by spammers, direct email marketing firms or any other organisation without the permission of the identified persons.

How we secure your data

We use industry-standard tools and services in order to ensure that your data is stored securely.

All interactions with our web services are provided via HTTPS endpoints backed by current encryption standards, in order to ensure that communications cannot be subject to unauthorised eavesdropping or interception.

Your rights

You retain the rights to access, modify or request deletion of your personal data, in line with recognised UK Law and where relevant EU legislation such as the GDPR. To submit a request please email