Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer in order to help deliver our services, in the course of your use. They are sent back to us when you make future requests and therefore are useful for us to identify users and remember information that you may provide across a number of steps, such as during a ‘checkout’ process.

The cookies we use are classed as necessary, which means that they are required in order for our services to work fully, or to ensure we comply with relevant data protection regulations and therefore we do not provide a means of turning these off.

You may still choose to disable cookies via your browser settings however this will mean that you are unable to use those parts of our services that rely on them.

Our cookies

We currently set one main cookie when necessary functions are accessed, named sessionid. This may be remembered across browser restarts and may persist for up to two weeks since your last visit.

You can delete this cookie from your browser at any time, however your basket contents, the progress of any multi-step forms and your login state will be lost should you do so. A new cookie will be set on your next request to these parts of the site.

Other cookies

Another cookie named cookieconsent allows us to ensure that you have been notified of this policy and any subsequent updates to it, but to avoid displaying any prompts otherwise. This will be remembered across browser restarts and may persist for up to one year since your last visit.

A third cookie named csrftoken is used to protect the security of your account by validating that certain requests received on the server have originated from you. This may persist for up to one year since your last visit.

We may add other cookies in the future to help track site usage or for marketing purposes. Should we do so you will be able to opt out of receiving these.

Cookies from third parties

Our payment providers may set first-party or third-party cookies on your browser as needed in order to allow you to pay for event entries. For details of their cookies please see the applicable policies on their sites

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